Friday, September 12, 2008

Wedding Fix

Robert and I were able to go to our friend's wedding a couple weeks ago. Doug and Jamie got married in the Salt Lake Temple and it was so great to be there for the sealing! Robert and I were with them both on the first night they met(we were all playing games at Doug's apartment) as well as on their first date with them(we went to a haunted house in SLC). They are such a fun couple and are so extremely perfect for each other. It was so nice to be at someone else sealing. I was really able to listen to the sealer this time.
It was also nice to be at the wedding so I could get my wedding fix. I've been so used to living and breathing wedding planning that I have been missing it a little bit :) Although this wedding was a lot less stressful for me! With that said I need all the rest of the singles out there to give me more weddings to come to!!

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Lauralee said...

Isn't great going to a temple wedding that isn't your own so you can just enjoy it and listen to what they are saying! I remember when Dean and I got to go to our first wedding together. A lot less stress :)