Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Happy Birthday to ME
August 10th I continued my climb to oldness by turning 22. Since Lauralee's birthday was August 7th and we share the same friends we decided to have a big birthday bash together. We rented out a tumble gym in south Provo and invited some friends. It's always super fun at the tumble gym, while I can't do anything cool I really enjoy watching others do fun things(it's amusing to watch me attempt anything....but I usually get up the courage towards the end). Lauralee brought a Nothing Bundt Cake....which are SO delicious, they have changed my life...seriously, I crave them all the time-yum-Thanks Lauralee!!!
Robert knows how much I adore sunflowers so he pulled over and picked me one:) I thought it was so cute.

Here's Lauralee and her adorable Camden; it always amazes me all the flips and turns and whatever she can do so easily, even after having this one!
Here's Macy-my cousin, Lauralee's sister, Camden, Lauralee, Me, and Lanae
Kayla, Me, and Kayla's friend(did I mention I'm really bad with names)
Brian and Robert having a little too much fun in the sumo suits if you ask me.

Funny story-all 9(Scotty is not pictured but came later w/his gray shirt) of the boys that came wore gray shirts, it was pretty funny.

A couple days after my birthday Robert used his friend Justin to surprise me with some sunflowers.

Since Kellie was working on my birthday(boo) she took me out yesterday. She gave me these beauties and a rad light up bouncy ball, took me to Jason's Deli, and then to 500 Days of Summer(great movie). It was super fun!
For my birthday Robert took me shopping, I've been wanting a summery yellow dress and I loved this one from Downeast, thanks hubby!!


Daryl and McCall said...

You rented a gym and invited ALL your friends?? Hmmm... ha jk Happy late Birthday!!

Shippe said...

well it was a facebook invite my cousin sent out-oops! I can't believe i didn't make sure you guys were on it!! we will have to make up for this-you name the time and place :)

Charlie and Ryan said...

Em, where have you been? We haven't seen you in forevs, and HAPPY BDAY lady! Next time Robert comes over I better see you in the car with him :)