Friday, August 6, 2010

All Because Two People Fell in Love

My Mom and Dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this week (August 3rd). It's hard to believe my parents have been together for that long! To me they seem to be the same age as since I can first remember. My Mom and Dad were planning a short one night getaway this weekend and they began reminiscing about their years together. My Mom told me that 10 years ago during their 30th anniversary we were having a really hard time financially. They scraped together some money though and went to Sonic to share a root beer float to celebrate their 30th. Then they drove up near thumb butte and watched the sunset. That night since all of us kids went to friend's houses, they decided to try to sleep out on our trampoline like us kids did so often-it didn't work out so well for their backs though!
I love this story so much and can just imagine my parents excited to be together sharing a root beer float. Even without money they were happy to be together, and here they are 10 years later able to look back on that time with fond memories. I feel so blessed that my parents are together and happy and I can't wait to celebrate mine and Robert's 40th wedding anniversary!

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Chels said...

I LOVE your parents and think they are some of the best people on this earth. They are darling, and that is such a cute story to remember to tell your babies one day...