Thursday, May 31, 2012

Benefit Concert

My benefit concert has finally come and gone. It was an amazing show, everything went really smoothly-we just didn't have the numbers that we were hoping for! While I'm a little heartbroken we didn't make as much as we were hoping-we still did raise over $2,000 and I was happy that we did it, got the word out, and that it all went so well. One thing that really stood out was all the hard work that people put into this-from staff, volunteers, families, and friends-it was so great to see and really gave me a renewed sense that this program is so worth the effort!! Seeing all of this support though does make me even more depressed that I'm losing basically all my staff because our funding was cut (we were able to get a little bit to keep me around for a bit longer). But i'm confident with some more hard work that I can get funding again and hire back on staff!
 Lots of fliers
 We had a newspaper article, an ad on KSL TV, and were featured on many websites and blogs!
 Setting up
 Our host Josh from BYU's Humor You and Madison
 Kings Again
 People Water stopped by to donate some water
 May Day

So excited that Lanae, Jordan, and Harper came to support me!! I also had some other friends come too-it was so great to have everyone there.

Reuniting with Truman

Our mentors and kids loved to dance!


The Whits (wow Amy's voice was amazing!! Robert became an instant fan after the concert)

All the bands did fantastic, I really enjoyed getting to hang out with everyone (and my husband who was there to support me and help out). We also had concessions, a silent auction, and a carnival full of a bounce house, life size angry birds, life size jenga, life size hungry hippos, tattoos, and a balloon man!! 

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