Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ninja Warrier

Well I'm trying to get into this blogging thing and after this post you may see why I don't do this very often. I happened to spend last night watching probably one of the most entertaining shows since say.....American Gladiators. It's called Ninja Warrier and my friends and I came across it while we were bored and tring to find something to watch. It is an American Gladiator type show that is set in Japan, so it comes with subtitles and great news casters(I think that's what they would be called). It has ridiculous obstacle courses and is outside in the 100+ degree weather. It showed 100 people mostly from Japan....two twins from the US were on it.....and out of all these people only 4 made it to the end of the first course......and probably 90% of the people couldn't make it past the first obstacle. All I can say is that it was extremely entertaining watching the people attempt this course and ending falling into muddy water. The course actually looks pretty simple...but by all the people falling into the muddy water below...I guess it actually is not. So after last night I now have a new goal in life....I am going to become the next Ninja Warrier.


Bryan and Ashley said...

You are seriously fabulous! I'm so glad you work here :)

Kelli said...

I LOVE Ninja Warrior. Dana and I found it a few months ago and it's become a fav. I fully support your quest to become the white girl on ninja warrior!