Monday, August 13, 2007

No longer a teenager!!!

I just celebrated my 20th birthday this weekend and know that if I don't document it I will most likely be tormented by some that I will not name ..cough...ashley...:). The partying began at work on Thursday when the girls had a party for me...the fun consisted of really good fun and some singing! I took the day off on Friday and spent the day with some close girlfriends. We went to breakfast at Gandolfos (the best!), then we went to University mall and got pedicures, went shopping, and got our make-up done in was all VERY fun and I think it's safe to say we came out looking much better than we did coming in! After going home and changing into our new outfits we met up with some more people and headed down to Salt Lake. We ate the best pizza ever at The Pie Pizzeria(you have to go there if you haven't!) Ate some really good cake that my roommate made, and went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. All in all it was one of the better birthdays I've had! On Saturday I drove to St George and met up with my Mom and two of my brothers. We went to lunch and did a little more shopping. Then on Sunday I got to drive my new present home(from myself ;) ), it is a 2000 red sunfire convertible and I'm pretty much in love with it!


Bryan and Ashley said...

I'm so proud of my non-teenager! I'm glad you had a good birthday Emily!! What beats the Pie and a movie with hot Jason Bourne? NOTHING! I still need to see your new car. That's exciting!

Jenna and Steve said...

I am glad that you had a great birthday. You really do feel older when you get out of the teenage years huh? Just more year and legal drinking! HAHA, then you can really celebrate! :)

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Emily! I can't believe you got a car...sure wait till I move before you get a smokin' hot car...i see your priorities:) Happy B-day, welcome to the big leagues.