Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Park City Fun

Josh, Sharon, Dean and Lauralee

Lanae and Jordon

This past weekend we went to Park City with some cousins and friends. We went and walked around the outlet mall, enjoying the chilly air....well some enjoyed while the wimps(me) froze. Then we went over to the Moose Grill, which Lauralee found online and looked really great......although when we called for reservations no one answered. We found out when we got there that it was because they were closed for remodeling! We deciding to go to a grill next door....after getting our drinks we were informed that they had practically nothing on the menu left so we deciding to go down to a local pizza place. The pizza ended up being great and we probably spent a lot less at least. Then we stopped by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory for a quick chocolate fix before heading home.

Here is Robert and I with Lauralee and Dean's cute baby Camden-and no we are not practicing family photos for anything in the near future!


Elyse said...

I love Camden's face in that picture! :)
That was so much fun! We need to do it again some time. I'm excited for our girls night too!

Jenna and Steve said...

You have brown hair! Love it

Rachel Taylor said...

HAHA totally cute, poor Camo, he looks like he's scared to death lol!

Dan and Kan said...

sad story... where was my invite? j/k :) i like your hair color!! i might get highlights :) i need a change :)