Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4th Of July Fun

4th Of July

For the weekend of the 4th Robert and I, along with friends Justin and Danielle, went to Idaho. We stayed in Rexburg with our good friends Doug and Jamie who sadly left us to live there for school. We jammed a lot into the weekend, lots of junk food and soda were consumed by the boys, games were played, and old times were relived. On Friday night we went to Texas Roadhouse-so yum- and then the boys and girls split up to see different movies(boys to Transformers and girls to the Proposal-both good movies by the way....although I prefer the Proposal). On the 4th we went to snake river. There we jumped off a bridge-much funner and scarier that it sounds-and hung out by a neat waterfall area. Even though it was quick the trip was really fun and we loved hanging out with good friends!Jamie, me, and Danielle hanging on the bridge

Danielle and I after a LONG day of sun and funApparently Doug and I looked scared before jumping.....

Here's the river taking my shoe away....and Robert swimming after it....and Doug running after it...oops-i'll try to aim for the shore next time I toss my shoes off a bridge.
Here are a sampling of the many pictures I took of Robert and I trying to get a normal picture...My precious husband feels that normal is overrated and so these are the best....most normal I could get-gotta love him


Lauralee, Dean and Camden said...

That looks like you guys had so much fun1 Why is it so hard to get boys to take good pictures with a normal smile? :)

Daryl and McCall said...

we just went down the snake river this past weekend too! it was so much fun. you guys look like you do a lot of fun stuff!

Dan and Kan said...

it looks like you had a fun weekend!! we'll be back in about 4 weeks!!! YAY!! i'm so excited! then we'll have to hang out!!