Monday, July 13, 2009

Who's says blogging within 2 months of an event isn't timely?

Hmm, did I forget to blog about my best friend's wedding!?! Well here is a timely...well to some like me...recap of Kellie and Butch Fay's wedding. On May 2nd Robert and I got to watch them be married for eternity in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. It was raining that week but luckily it cleared up enough during the day for some great pictures. All of my close friends, including myself, have had rainy wedding days so we consider it a sign of good luck! The day was really great and it ended with a fun reception at a beautiful golf course in Pleasant Grove. Kellie and Butch were lucky enough to then head off to Hawaii and Disney world for their honeymoon.What's a wedding without a good car trashing, compliments of the Groomsmen(the picture doesn't do justice, they went ALL out)

In the months before Kellie's wedding I got to plan her Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party as her maid of honer. I love planning a fun party so this was right up my alley. Her shower was at her mother-in-laws and Kellie came away with what I believe is a full kitchen. For her Bachelorette party we went to Jump On It in Lindon, ate at our favorite-Costa Vida, and did some more partying at my place-of course there was somewhat of a dress code for the entire event.

Here's kellie at her Bridal shower with her Flirty apron I picked out and fun stuff attached to it.
My favorite of Kellie.

Here's kellie and I after I helped her rake in some cash during the money dance.

Me, Tori, and Trisha taking a picture break from doing what we do best (that's dancing for those of you who don't know)


Rachel T. said...

why are the pics so little??

Tiff, Adam and Lily said...

What? Two months is a more than acceptable time frame for blogging! Why, I would say as much as 4-5 months is equally tolerable(just be prepared for snarky comments from people about being a crappy blogger....)

Shippe said...

those were copied from facebook so i couldn't change the size