Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well I hope you're ready for this!

Well let's start with the most recent and work backwards...cause that's how I uploaded my pictures! So HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
Halloween is of course the best holiday-this year I got to do a lot of Halloween things with work which was so much fun! We had a pumkin carving contest and a carnival.
On Halloween Robert and I went to Chipotle for our free burritos, and then we went with some friends to drink some wassail(also know as deliciousness, yummy, or great apple cider) and watch a fun movie-it was great!

So guess who Robert and I dressed as for the occasion?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith of course! We decided to get name tags to make sure everyone knew who we were :) Even though we already look so much like the originals....

Chipotle get-ups.

Now on to our quick trip to Denver....

Our riding mates Chelsea and Justin....enjoying the back seat.....maybe too much....

Robert and I enjoying the much as a long ride to Denver can be enjoyed of course!

Obviously here we are going through a tunnel-we didn't want to risk missing the good luck so we held our breath!

Doug Jamie Robert and I at Tyler and Mckenzie's wedding-it was beautiful!
We loved getting to see Doug and Jamie if even for a short time!
My parents came to visit because RYAN IS HOME!!! Here we are at the Logan Temple-I love this Temple! And I love my family :) They were here a full week-it was great to hang out with them in Logan, Sandy, and at our place in Orem.

I'm so excited Ryan is home, can you tell?
Robert and I even got to go with my family to Conference-it was a very special experience!

Robert and I got to go see Cirque de la Symphony in Salt Lake City-it was amazing!

Went to Wendover with Bryce and Jess to a Collective Soul concert-trips are always great with them!!

They were actually really good and I knew more songs than I thought!

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