Tuesday, February 16, 2010


December was quite the whirlwind for us. Robert and I were super busy with work, school, and traveling for the holidays. We attending work parties for both our jobs, and a couple friend parties before school was even up for the semester. After finals and school were completed for me-phew-we took off for Prescott, AZ for some Christmas fun. Since I had slacked on getting pictures from November I have lots from December!

Here's Lanae and I at her husband's birthday party, and us with Carly.

Here's Lauralee, Lanae, and I at our friend Christmas Party at Lauralee's place.

We didn't take pictures until the end so Kristina and Aaron and their boys are missing from the picture. We all had a blast playing games, eating, and talking at the party.

Here is Robert, me, Janessa and Tim at Robert's work part.y

Robert joined me at one of my work activities at Soldier's Hollow. The kids all loved the tubing and my husband did just as much!

Here's my Dad and I being goofy.

My Mom and I striking a pose.

Me and Tabby's baby Tyler-my nephew. I seriously can't get enough of this sweet guy.

Robert and I on our way to play some golf on Christmas Day, a family tradition.

Everyone(well except Gina and Matt-he was working on Christmas!) was able to go on our annual Christmas Day golfing trip-Dad, Mom, Ryan, Steve, Chris, Robert, me, and Gina's sons Nick, and Curtis.
Robert joined me (he's taking the picture) at my friends house for a little Prescott reunion with some of my friends. Kellie, Adrian, me, Logan, (ok this girl is someone I don't know well and so therefore I don't know her name), and Tessa. It was so fun to get to catch up with everyone!!

My parents and I on Christmas Eve.

My love and I Christmas morning.

I just love this picture for all sorts of reasons! My Mom is opening a book about the Women of the Old Testament that my Dad got her. We did our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve since Matt had to leave early Christmas morning for work.
Here's Tabby and Tyler opening some gifts.

Robert (he's taking the picture again) and I also got to hang out with a couple of my best friends Tierra and Alex.

These are a couple of pictures from our drive to Arizona. We ran into a huge snow storm that cause us to take another route and also had a couple hour delay from a huge accident involving I believe 20 cars-we felt very blessed for our safe travels. I thought it was ironic that someone had run into the accident ahead sign.

It was pretty amazing to see the work that they're doing to build the overpass over the hoover dam-it is such a huge bridge I have no idea how people build such amazing things!

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