Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love is in the air

This Valentines weekend proved to be the best to date(I'm sure I'll say that every year, but hey why not!) It so fun to have an extra reason to be all cute and mushy together so that's why I enjoy the valentines season:). On Friday morning my cute hubby called and announced that he had Monday off with me, so we quickly decided to leave town for Idaho to visit our good friends Doug and Jamie. We had been wanting to go visit and had just been talking about how much better it would be to go on a 3 day weekend so this worked out perfectly. Our first night we stuffed ourselves with delicious Craigo's pizza, rented and watched Couple's Retreat and played games all night, literally. The next morning we feasted on some waffles-thanks to Jamie's lovely cooking skills, and then decided it was time to brave the elements and venture outside-it's freezing in Idaho in case you didn't know! We decided on miniature golfing and laser tag after debating whether or not to build an igloo. These activities provided tons of fun though, we probably could've played laser tag all day. Once I got away from all the super young kids(they were surprisingly good, and found shooting me surprisingly fun!) it was fun to explore the set up they had.

That night we made some dinner and enjoyed another round of games-Robert and I are really into board games and things so this was a blast. We are even planning on expanding our collection with the video game Buzz that Doug and Jamie introduced us to this weekend. It's basically a video game show that has a wide range of topics for questions-so it was fun and I learned a lot.
On Sunday we dressed up and went to hear Elder Cook, one of the Twelve Apostles, speak at Doug and Jamie's stake conference. It was such a treat to hear his words along with his sweet wives on Valentines Day. They focused a lot on teaching your children good morals and having family home evening. They shared some fun stories as well and provided a lot of spiritual insight on the subject.Monday of course came too quickly. We got to go to lunch before leaving and I got to choose the place-Schlotzsky's Deli! This was my mom and I's favorite when I was growing up. We would always go and order the same thing to share. So when I returned home a couple years ago and found that it had closed down I was devastated and have been craving it ever since! It kind of made my day to have it again and it was just as good as I remembered.

Robert and I loved our Valentines weekend together. We not only loved the friends, food, and games, but we especially enjoyed getting away together. We're kind of crazy about each other and so the car rides are a fun time for us to just be together and talk. We rarely have the music up very loud because of our conversation which is great. In my family recreation class last semester I was taught that the key to preventing marital entropy is just 15 minutes of real conversation a day-so I figure having a four hour road trip conversation is a nice addition to that!


Lauralee, Dean and Camden said...

It looks like you guys had lots of fun. I miss last minute fun trips!

Charlie and Ryan said...

Sounds like a great Vday! I was going to give you a hard time for never blogging, but glad you are back!

Shippe said...

I know it took me forever to start blogging again! It's nice to be back:)