Sunday, February 21, 2010

Current Events for the week.

This week has followed the trend of being super busy, but this week was also extra fun! This weekend started off on Thursday when Kellie and Lanae joined me for the BYU Courgarettes dance concert. I've been to a few dance concerts in my day and this is one of the best I've been to. The dancing was technically impressive and it was very entertaining. We had a great time talking in between dances and getting to hang out for the night.

Lanae Kellie and I

On Friday after a day of work Robert joined me at the 4H office to attend a Couples Cooking Class. He was sweet enough to join me so that I could hopefully gather some useful information to be used in our Family Night Out activities at work. Also with us were Jess and Bryce which made the class much more entertaining! It ended up being a fun class with some thoughtful information on relationships. The couple that taught the class were very sweet and genuine and it was fun to go and be reminded how to build your relationship with your spouse and work together to accomplish life goals. The main parts they focused on in correlation with the cooking were; you need to have a vision of what your life together will be or accomplish- this is like looking at a picture in a recipe so that you can see the final product, having all the right ingredients to make your recipe-or the traits needed to be a good spouse, following the directions in the recipe in order to get the final product-things to do together to accomplish your vision, and serving the meal was like keeping your relationship warm:). I liked that they said to keep your relationship warm rather than hot which is how popular media generally displays relationships. They said that when you are always looking for highs in relationships you may be disappointed because highs are generally followed by a low. Rather you should focus on the little everyday things which will make up the majority of your relationship, this way you are making sure your relationship is always warm. They obviously did a much better job of talking about this.... They also quoted the movie Up when the little boy is talking about he liked doing the "boring stuff" with his dad which I thought was so cute and really so true-I think that it's the little everyday things that Robert and I do that mean the most, like making dinner together and playing games. For the cooking part we actually made whole wheat waffles, I was a bit skeptical at first but it was fun and pretty tasty as well. They had a drawing at the end for some books and videos and I won the book Fanny's Dream-it is such a sweet story!
Here's Robert preparing to cut some apples for the appetizer, they asked if anyone wanted an apron and I think two people raised their hands...Robert was one:) He's always making things fun!
Here's the couple imparting their knowledge on us.

Robert made strawberry waffles with whip cream and buttermilk syrup, I made blueberry and banana waffles with whip cream and maple syrup-his were way better due to the buttermilk syrup!
On Saturday Robert and I were ready for a bit of a rest. We watched Up which is super cute, then we ended up watching some Olympics in the morning. We settled on watching men's curling, which seems like such an odd sport, but in fact was pretty entertaining to watch. Their is no doubt that it would take a lot of skill to do what those guys do! It was fun to get to cheer on USA as well. For lunch we got some In n Out which didn't disappoint :) After that we did a bit of shopping and then came home to play some games. We got this PS3 game Lego Indiana Jones(thanks to Doug and Jamie for introducing us) which is really fun to play together. We don't normally play too many video games(I pretty much never do) but this one is fun because it's Lego people which is funny, and it's really fun to do everything together in the game! That evening Robert went to play some volleyball at BYU while I did some grocery shopping and some work I had to catch up on. I would have gone to play with him but I know from experience that I'm not very good and when I go I get lost when everybody is telling me all these volleyball terms and I just stand there awkwardly :), plus the people that are playing are usually pretty competitive and I feel bad for bringing their game down, and I'd rather be playing sand volleyball, in the summer, outside, and I'd rather just stay home...
Now it's Sunday and we are home from Church just relaxing and recovering from the week(yesterday wasn't enough recovery apparently). Robert and I got set apart today at Church as members of the activities committee so we are excited to start planning some ward parties together!


Lauralee, Dean and Camden said...

I wish I could have gone to the cougarettes show. Sometimes it is annoying that Dean has to work so late most nights, it puts a damper on my social life, LOL. Did you and Robert enjoy UP? Camden and I watched it again yesterday. That class looks like it was fun. Congrats on the new calling!

Rachel M. said...

WOW what a long post! I had to stop for a meal and a bathroom break halfway through it was so JK. I read Lauralee's comment and I thought it said the cigarettes show. I was like WTF, but then I reread lol. That is so funny that Robert wore that apron. Too cute! It sounds like you guys had a very busy but fun time.

Sharon said...

I just happened by ... very cute stuff!