Sunday, March 7, 2010

So little time, so much fun.

Another week has gone by and again we have jammed it full of entertaining things! First to start off with amongst all of our home cooking this week Robert and I tried out a no bake cheesecake recipe that was so simple and so good we are still salivating over it!
Yum-we also made homemade whip cream with vanilla, and I added raspberry preserves to mine!
Last Monday my work day extended into a Family Night Out activity we hosted at Seven Peaks Ice Arena. We invited all of the families in our program as well as all of the 4H families from the schools to ice skate. We ended up with a record turn out! Their were so many people there though that I spent the night running around as did all of my other co workers and so that's why I have zero pictures-I'm definitely not complaining though, I love it!

On Friday evening I had to work-which involved the BYU vs Utah gymnastics meet. It was so fun to get to see all of the kids and their mentors having fun while watching the meet. At the end we got to watch BYU's cheer leading squad perform their nationals routine, which was good despite some pretty shaky lifts, er holds, or whatever they're called!
Then on Saturday evening I had to work again-this time we went with all our kids and mentors to the Utah Flash game, they played the LA lakers. This was an entertaining game as well and the halftime show consisted of what seemed like a whole dance studio performance which was fun to watch!
Autumn(coworker) and I enjoying the game.
This Friday we doubled with newly engaged (yay!) Kellie and Kevin. We got some free tickets to the men's BYU vs Pepperdine volleyball game. It was so fun to go with them since they love volleyball as much as Robert (they all play on a city league together). For this picture we noticed that it was probably the worst angle but oh well, we weren't wanting to miss more of the game with picture redos :)!! After the game we enjoyed lots of Sushi at one of our favorites- Sakura.
On Saturday afternoon Robert took me on a surprise date. It was so fun to just hop in the car having no idea where we were going. We ended up going with Justin and Chelsey to Color me mine. They are very artistic!
Here's Robert and my coaster set we painted together, hopefully it turns out-either way it was a blast.
Today we made dinner for Justin's birthday-homemade fettuccine alfredo and garlic bread-yum, good thing I have dance everyday, although if we keep making things like this I may want to think about starting to run or something!! This evening we are just enjoying each others company while we watch the Oscars.
We expect that this week will be just as busy with work and play, but I doubt we'd want it any other way. It's so fun to have a best friend to do everything with, it really makes this busy life so fulfilling and fun!!!


Rachel Mohat said...

What do you do for your job? It sounds like you have to do some very "awful" activities for work.

Shippe said...

haha yea I sure do:) I work with a mentoring organization-4H Mentoring, and I basically match youth with mentors that I recruit, plan activities, and help run them! It's lot of work-but very fun.

Rachel Mohat said...

Pretty rad job though