Thursday, May 13, 2010

No need to alert the authorities....

I don't even know where I've been lately! Oh wait yes I do.... In the past month I have finished one semester and begun another, done lots of work as well as volunteer work since I had so much free time:) I've never been able to swing spring classes in school and I wish I could've found a way to pay for them earlier! BYU is so relaxed in the summer, parking is a breeze, and the people are chill, plus the semesters are short! I've already presented 2 presentations in class and had some quizzes, before I know it the semester will be done and I will be free for a couple months! I'm really enjoying my classes right now-mainly my methods of teaching creative dance class. It's so much fun! Already I've been able to observe classes, help out with a show(they put me in charge of costumes, cutting slits and fixing some sewing things, ha....they don't know me that well-I'm sure no one could see any damage from the audience though), and learn a lot in class. I'm hoping to be teaching a class in the fall so this is getting me excited to be teaching dance! I also got a call about a month or 2 ago from the school that I'm over with my work, they heard that I dance and asked me to help choreograph for their production of Annie, of course I jumped at the chance and squeezed it in. It's been so fun working with the kids and coming up with dances. The musical is this weekend and I'm excited to go see it!
Today I realized just how tired I've been when I tool a 3hr nap on the job....luckily I was working from home today and could just do my work later, but still :) I'm looking forward doing a bit more with friends and Robert. I will start with a weekend of hanging with Lauralee before baby Carson comes, and I can't wait to find out what creme brulee pedicures are, yum!

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Lauralee, Dean and Camden said...

I'm very excited for this too!