Sunday, September 19, 2010

Overloaded with goodness

The slowness of summer is most definitely at an end for me! I now have so many this to fit into my weeks that I don't have the time to be lazy like I kind of did the last part of summer. For me this is a good thing though-I am so much more productive with my time when I have more to do, and I always feel better when I'm doing more. I am finally getting close to graduating with only this semester and next I'm hoping to get to April as soon as possible! Until then, I have many things to keep me busy. I have lots and lots of school, researching for a professor, work, work (it counts as 2:)), teaching a dance class (yay), and getting to perform in the Teachers Concert. I'm so excited for all of these things!
The dance for the concert at BYU is so fun, I love hanging out with all the dancers and of course getting to dance more. Teaching my dance class is so fun as well. It is a creative dance class that is once a week with 16 kids(yikes) ages 8-10.....except for 2 six year olds that somehow got in:). The 6 year olds are so cute and small though I can't kick them out, they seriously say the cutest things. I'm trying to choreograph something fun for them to dance at a showcase in December so I hope I get creative soon! With work it seems there is always a new event or activity to plan or go to, but I love it because I feel like I'm continually learning new things as well as how to do my job better which is a great feeling. School is busy because I have never taken a full 18 credits before, but I'm handling it so far and hope to be able to the rest of the semester!
Robert is also super busy right now with his work and volleyball. City league has started again so he has practice a couple times a week and games every Thursday night. It's great for him to do something he loves especially with his long work hours right now (8-9pm-bleh) and I have fun watching him at his games!
I've also been trying out some new recipes which I love to do! I also love to have something new and yummy made when Robert gets home...especially because I'm hungry by 9pm:) and it's fun to at least eat together every night. I just need to remember to take some pictures to post!


Lauralee, Dean and Camden said...

I love your new layout!
Wow you are busy! Hopefully I will still get to see you! We still need to go see Step Up 3!
How is your class going?
I get to go see some of my babies that I coached when they were 7-12 and now they are cheering in High School!! I feel so old! I'm going to their pep rally on Friday!

Chels said...

You are a busy girl!!! When you are that busy April will come before you know it. Good luck!