Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lesson learned.

I usually love my dance classes. In one of them (improv) we were doing this exercise where we were to dance blindfolded. Now we had a partner to lead us around and make sure we didn't hit anyone or anything, and we started off by just walking around to get used to it. It was actually really interesting to not be able to see. My other senses really came to life and I could hear and feel things I don't normally notice-like the sound of feet walking and the slight rush of air as people walk past. Unfortunately...then came the part where we were supposed to dance, so I'm dancing for a few minutes and then I go to come up from being on the ground-and I come up fast and head first...and my head cracks something hard-I'm still unsure if it was the metal wall or bench, but oh my it hurt so much- and my head has a giant bump to prove it! I don't know where my partner was, but my head and teeth(they kind of slammed each other with the impact) are not happy about it! I'm happy though that I could make it through my test I had to take right after and that I was able to come home to a sweet husband to listen to my whining, and the 12 hours I slept last night helped too, although my head still hurts today...but I don't like to complain, just ask my husband.....well just take my word for it....yea don't ask him. Thanks for listening, and make sure to be careful the next time you dance blindfolded:)


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Lauralee Altice said...

I'm sorry that you had a bad leader and that you got hurt! That is crazy how much your other senses come to life when one is taken away! I miss you! I can't wait until Friday!!