Sunday, March 13, 2011


I love weekends so much. They are my time to play catch up on work and school, and prepare for the next week. In order for me to stay on top of everything I make lists and do a lot of organizing-the weekends are when I make sure things are done and are planned out to get done, etc. I also love weekends because I get to hang out with Robert for long periods of time. It is so nice to be able to just hang out, make food together, talk, laugh, and enjoy our time with each other. I am perfectly content just staying home all weekend (although I do love going out as well). This weekend has been pretty typical: we slept in Saturday, I did some work, then we watched episodes of Modern Family, cooked steaks and potatoes for dinner, then baked apple crisp for dessert. Saturday is usually our clean house day as well-it's so nice to have a really clean house to get us through the week-when we don't have much time to clean. Sunday we also slept in (church isn't until 2:30pm!), made breakfast-we always takes turns making Sunday breakfast, it's usually cinnamon rolls but today we did fried eggs and toast!. Then we watched a couple movies while I caught up on some homework. I can't wait until I can cut school out of the equation-5 weeks! Then I can have even more time on my weekends-and during the week, but for right now I am really enjoying my time and making every minute count.

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mikey and kimby said...

Church is at 2:30?! Wow. I thought our last year's 2:00 time was late but I can't even imagine even later than that!