Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trip of all trips

This month Robert and I treated ourselves to a real vacation, we're talking a full 9.5 days away from work, Utah, and the everyday routine. We went with our good friends Michelle and Justin, we always laugh and talk a lot when we're together, and this trip was no different!

Here's the run down of the fabulous vacation I'm still dreaming about:

Day one-
We drove, and drove, into the night......until we reached Robert's family's house in Hemet, UT.
Day two-
I woke up sick-bleh, what kind of a start to a vaca is that?!? Robert came to my rescue as always, mixed me up some meds, and I slept for a good part of the day. Luckily I woke up feeling

100% better! I was even able to go out to lunch with Robert and a friend, find some cute shoes to buy, and enjoy some blueberry cheesecake my sweet mother in law made for my birthday!

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Lauralee Altice said...

Sounds like an amazing trip!