Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Friday Night

So Robert and I had some dinner plans for tonight, then we both ended up working late, then Robert had to fight the BYU game instead of going out-I decided I would make us dinner since we were starving--and by make dinner I mean I called Happy Sumo and gave them our regular order :)-Robert just loves how domestic I am.

We also had their tempura veggies-yum, they got scarfed so they are no longer in the picture...
Mmmm the sunset roll is my favorite--and don't judge me for the fork, the take out lady must have thought I was ordering this large amount of food for just me because we only got one set of chopsticks.......come to think of it, the last time we ordered the exact same thing they gave us three sets since it was so much food-I must have sounded extra hungry on the phone tonight I guess. Well, fork or not it was way yummy!
I love hanging out with Robert no matter what we do, but it's extra fun when we get take out sushi and eat it on the floor (I have no idea why we do this, we do have a table and chairs....and couches....).

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kimberly said...

First, I'm totally judging that you used a fork! That's just embarrassing, Emily!

Second, I love that you "made" dinner. Whenever it's Mike's turn to make dinner, we always seem to end up with Happy Sumo or some other yummy food that was not made at our house.

Third, I love Happy Sumo and I'm so jealous right now!