Friday, November 18, 2011

AZ Trip

Last month Eden and I took a quick trip to AZ to see my Dad (he just had hip surgery) and to pick up my Mom and bring her back to Utah for Eden's baby shower. It was very eventful, what with my car freaking out, us having to rent a car, me almost buying a new car, learning how to can peaches, going out to dinner, playing games, and just hanging out-all in about 36hours :).
Ziggy was always trying to lick me-so my Dad was being funny-I don't think Ziggy got it...
Ziggy loves my Dad-whenever we asked him about where Grandpa was, his tail wagged a lot :)
Funny story about the peaches-my Mom and I were talking on the phone a few weeks before this and we somehow got on the subject of canning, my Mom talked about how she always canned with her family. I mentioned that I didn't know how to can but it would be fun to learn how. When we got to Prescott my Mom had two huge boxes of peaches and all the materials to teach me how to can since I told her I reeeaaaally wanted to learn ;). It was actually tons of fun to stay up with Eden and my Mom doing it.

So it seems from my pictures that Eden was doing all the work....I promised we helped!
Steve told Ziggy he had to be very gentle with Eden because she was having a baby (Ziggy loves Eden and usually jumps all over her)-Ziggy totally got it and was super sweet and soft around her!
I sure do love my Dadio!
Right before my face was covered is slobber....yuck!


Lauralee Altice said...

Looks like so much fun! It makes me think of our road trip to AZ!

:cassia marie: said...

how fun! an event-filled trip for sure! :)