Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Secretary's Day

So work has been crazy busy (more on this later) so I knew I wanted to do something fun for all our fabulous secretaries in my office. I decided to make this lemon poppy seed bread and paired it with a stress reducing face mask and a cute card(made by my co-worker Autumn). It was very inexpensive and all the ladies seemed to love it! I also asked all of my staff to send emails sayings thanks or all their hard work and they totally did because they are amazing! One of our secretaries said that they had never had so many people send her notes and thank her in all her time her (15 years I believe!). They certainly deserved it (and much more)! I have definitely realized over the year that little things can really make a difference in brightening a person's day, whether it is a sweet bread, opening a door for someone whose hands are full, letting someone know how grateful you are for them, or even just saying hi.

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