Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year Robert and I were able to go to Arizona for Thanksgiving to spend it with my family. We haven't ever been able to go for Thanksgiving so this was perfect that it all worked out. My Dad had recently had a hip replacement and my Mom was scheduled for a double foot surgery the day we were driving in. My Mom's foot surgery was a bit more extensive then originally thought and so she ended up having to be completely off her feet for at least 2 weeks-which meant she was not allowed to cook Thanksgiving dinner-which was the next day! Luckily, I watch the food network a lot so I was able to cook the dinner! I did have help from Robert and my Dad though-and I think it turned out pretty good. Robert and I sure had a blast seeing my family and had a great car ride as well (I love car rides with the husband!).

The spread
I love this pic-this is after the meal!